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Saturday 10/11/2014 7:30 PM | 21+

Drink, laugh, drink some more and watch some of New York City's finest lady storytellers relive their most embarrassing sexual experiences on stage just for your pleasure.

Natalie Wall
Jamie LeeLo
Carly Ann Filbin
Emmy Harrington
GInny Leise

Who doesn't want to watch a bunch of ridiculously talented and sexy ladies make you laugh about their most awkward sexual experiences?! Exactly.

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Monday 11/10/2014 8:00 PM | 21+

Jess Klein says of her new album Learning Faith. “It’s edgy and brutal, but it was inspired by a genuine love for this world.”

Over a career that spans more than a decade and a half and has won her a devoted worldwide fan base, Klein—who possesses what Mojo magazine calls “one of those voices you want to crawl up close to the speakers to listen to” and a knack for writing songs that the Cape Cod Times has described as “fully realized, finely observed and deeply felt”—has pursued a remarkable creative evolution that’s seen her dig ever deeper for resonant emotional insights, while continuing to refine her eloquently melodic, effortlessly accessible songcraft. As the New York Times noted, Klein is an artist who “has country roots, but who pushes her songs toward philosophical thoughts.”

Learning Faith —which marks Klein’s third collaboration with veteran producer Mark “Professor Feathers” Addison—boasts ten personally-charged new originals that rank with her most compelling and illuminating work. Such bracing tunes as “Surrender,” “So Fucking Cool,” “Wish,” “Long Way Down” and “If There’s A God” (which she was inspired to write after protesting in support of State Senator Wendy Davis’ pro-choice 2013 filibuster at the Texas state capitol building) embody the complementary mix of personal fearlessness and musical craftsmanship that define Klein’s music.

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Saturday 11/15/2014 7:00 PM | 21+

Jeffrey Foucault grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. His father played a plywood guitar and his mother liked to sing. Winter Sundays were for church or ice fishing. He went to college and dropped out, took a job on a fruit farm and started writing songs about a girl from Iowa. He finished school, roofed houses, drove a snowplow, and home-schooled the son of the local bar owner in exchange for beer. He cut his first album in the winter of 2000.

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Saturday 12/06/2014 9:00 PM | 21+

With sales of three million albums worldwide, success on radio, TV and film, and sold-out concert dates throughout the world, The Verve Pipe, formed in Michigan in the early 90’s, are best recognized for their #1 single ‘The Freshmen’ and their radio hits that included ‘Photograph,’ ‘Hero,’ ‘Happiness Is’ and ‘Never Let You Down.’

Remaining true to their roots while delivering music for all ages, The Verve Pipe released A Family Album, an original collection of songs intended for the entire family, with fun and inventive lyrics set to the memorable melodies the band is known for. Critically acclaimed and selected by iTunes as one of the Best of 2010, the success of this album set the groundwork for the release of their newest children’s album, Are We There Yet?.

The Verve Pipe currently tours throughout the U.S., featuring music from their two family albums and rock shows including appearances at Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits Festival, Hangout Music Festival and SummerStage in Central Park.

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